The Gallery

Shaun & Friends

by Joe W (Scout)


By Joe W (Scout)


By Livia (Scout), paint


By Matthew (Scout), pencil on paper

Cartoon Artwork

By Alex L (Scout),
See Art Hub page for tutorial video by Alex on how to use MediBang Paint Pro:

Bristol Balloons

By Eloise (Scout), mixed media

See out Art Hub page for details of the tutorial which inspired Eloise:


By Joe Walton (Scout)

Architectural Photography & Collage

By Alex Auton-Green, photography, paper and card

“Fairy in a meadow at nighttime”

Painted by Florence T (Cub)

Midnight Waterfall

By Emma Auton-Green (Cub). Acrylic on paper.


By Nathan Sim (Scout)

Abstract Seascape

By Kathie Auton (Leader), acrylics on board

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