Ruari’s Nature Collection

Hi everyone. Some of you know I’m mad about birds and the natural world. I’d like to share a few of the items I gave managed to collect whilst out and about. My favourite items are feathers but I just don’t have enough space or time to show them all. Anyway, your feedback or even better, a look at your collections would be great. Ruari

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5 Responses

  1. Mark Lee says:

    What a great collection. Look out Chris Packham you’ve got competition as a presenter!

  2. Kathie says:

    Ruari, I am in awe of your beautiful collection. I would love to own a goldfinch feather, but I don’t think my eyes are as good as yours as I never seem to spot any – even though they visit my garden regularly. I do have a lovely buzzard feather though, so that’s something.
    You clearly know a great deal about nature and, in particular, your passion and knowledge about birds shines through.
    I have a couple of questions for you. Do you ever do sketches or drawings of nature that you see? Do you keep a log book to record birds you’ve seen?
    Thanks for sharing your collection. I’d love to see more of it one day.

    • Ruari Harrison says:

      Thanks Kathie; no i don’t keep a log book yet but i will now ! I do lots of artwork on birds, maybe every day! I draw and paint and I love their lovely and vibrant colours.

  3. Emma Auton-Green says:

    Hello it’s Emma, Senior Sixer here – I found this really interesting and I really enjoyed it. I like feathers too but I wouldn’t know what bird they are from! I think its a fantastic collection. I don’t have a collection of anything myself, but my hobbies are dance, drumming and recently I’ve been really enjoying doing art. Bye Ruari! See you tonight at cubs!

    • Ruari Harrison says:

      Thanks Emma! Please can you send in some of your art that you do. I would really love to see a video of you drumming. See you next wednesday. Ruari