Care for Care Homes

Look at these amazing flags by Joe!!

SPL Tom showing us how it’s done!


What an amazing and inspiring talk from John Moore from Homes Instead. I was moved to tears by that. Please get involved with this important and meaningful project ❤️ 

Here’s how to get things to the right places:

  • Send videos with jokes, riddles and message of thanks and support to me at [email protected] – I would LOVE everyone to do this bit – it can be really short and sweet. Wear your necker. You can introduce yourself with your first name only and say you’re from the 91st Scout troop if you want to. Then tell a joke or share a riddle – give a little pause before the solution, so carers can pause the video! You could simply say, ‘Thank you for everything you’re doing, we are thinking about you!”.
  • Bunting flags and riddle/joke sheets (A4, landscape) to me at (see email for address) – post or drop off. If you’re struggling, let me know and I’ll collect.
  • Extra cards and messages (task 3) to Black Beaver’s house (See email for address)

Morning! Thursday – haka & omelette toast 🙂


Check out this AMAZING video about the haka:

Thank you Sam & Alex for demonstrating the haka for us this morning.

Nettle Risotto Anyone? Other Dinners are Available!

Nettle & Bacon!!

Joe’s Popcorn Bars

Sooooothing Mooood Lamp

Jack’s Glow Bug Lamp
Joe’s gorgeous mood light in action

Tree Hugging & Forest Bathing

The Scouts are out working on their Forester Badge

Ahhhhhhh 🙂
This tree is 58 years old!!
A couple of socially distancing Scouts!
Here’s Joe measuring the height of a tree!!

Pitching up

Amazing set up for Alice & Henry
Alex is in a hardcore shelter!
Camp on the tramp(oline)

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