SCOUTS – Virtual Scouts #1

On Tuesday 24th March 2020 we tried out virtual scouting using Zoom. We’ve never done this before, so had no idea how it was going to work! As it turns out, it was great!

Here’s some little clips of what we did.

  • We raised a virtual flag!
  • We did silly challenges including hanging spoons off our noses and playing the biscuit game (see clip)
  • We made the ‘gone home’ tracking symbol and heard a few words from DC Chris about being a scout in these difficult times
  • Jo told us what we’ll need for seed planting next week: fruit seeds which your dried out for a few days, paper or cloth towels, a plastic bottle or container
  • We gathered your ideas for future virtual meetings – troop forum! Ideas included: Joe to teach us to tie a one handed bowline, Kahoot, Puppet show, talent show, virtual campfire, google quizzes
  • We lowered the flag and said goodbye

Send me your GONE HOME symbols!

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