Minecraft Server Update

We have updated the Minecraft Server. The new location should mean that it will be more reliable and available 24/7!

The server name is: pw-minecraft.dyndns.org

We still control who has access to the server so if you do have a Scout/Cub/Beaver who would like to join then they need to send their gamertag to one of the leaders so that they can be added to our “whitelist”.

The server uses the ‘Bedrock’ edition of Minecraft. Unfortunately, the server does not support the Java Edition, which you can get for PC only. We chose this edition because it is supported on more devices including smart phones, whereas the Java Edition is supported on PC only.

The lists below clarify which versions and platforms will be able to join the server:

Bedrock Edition platforms that allow joining a server:·         
Android Smart Phone (4.2 ‘Jelly Bean’ minimum)         
iOS (iPhone – iOS 8.0 minimum)         
Windows 10         
Windows Mobile         
Samsung Gear VR         
Fire OS (Amazon Kindle Fire, Amazon Fire Tablet, etc.)

Platforms that do not support servers yet (sorry!):·         

If you already have the Java Edition for PC, and if you bought it before 19th October 2018, then you can get the Bedrock Edition for free:https://www.windowscentral.com/how-redeem-free-copy-minecraft-bedrock-edition-windows-10-edition

Joining Instructions:
These instructions are for the Windows 10 edition of Minecraft. If you have one of the other platforms above, some details may be slightly different:

  1. You must have a Microsoft account, and a ‘Gamertag’ to be able to join. You can read about it here.
  2. Access to the server is controlled by a ‘Whitelist’. A user’s ‘Gamertag’ must be added manually before they can play.
  3. Email your ‘Gamertag’ to [email protected], and we will add it to the Whitelist;
  4. Now, in Minecraft click ‘Play’;
  5. Go to the ‘Servers’ tab, and click ‘Add Server’;
  6. In the box ‘Server Name’ – Give the new server a name (this can be anything);
  7. In the box ‘Server Address’ – Type: pw-minecraft.dyndns.org ;
  8. In the box ‘Port’ – leave as default 19132;
  9. Click ‘Save’ to save to the list or ‘Play’ to connect and play straight away;
  10. That’s it!

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