Cabot Challenge Badge

Introducing the Cabot Home Challenge Badge

This is a badge available for any Cub or Scout within Cabot District to earn during this strange time of social distancing, they link nicely in to the 5 Ways to Wellbeing, as well as completing sections of the badge awards.


The badge is made up of six different points.

  1. Proficiency – Keep learning
  2. Physical – Be Active
  3. Support – Give
  4. Join in – Connect
  5. Camp – Take Notice
  6. Baking – Keep learning

And anything already achieved during this time in social distancing can count towards the badge.

1. Proficiency – Keep learning

Complete at least two badges, during the period of social distancing. These could be set up by your leaders, Cabot online Facebook page (for scouts), OSM badges or just ones you’ve decided to do yourself from the scout website.

2. Physical – Be active

Take part in regular exercise for a week.

This could be following the Joe Wicks PE sessions or do in your own form of exercise keep a short log of exercise done. Why not create a video or instruction sheet that other people can follow?

3. Support. – Give

Complete a task that has a positive impact on the local community. 

Examples could include:

Paint a rainbow to display in your window, 

Take part in the clap for carers in your uniform

Decorate the pavement with chalk

Write a letter to residents of the local nursing home

Raise money

4. Join in – Connect

Take part in a least three virtual Scout meetings.


Forming your own virtual meetings amongst friends this meeting must include some tasks to be completed during the meeting. E.g. simple craft activity. Always remember your internet and social media safety rules.


Writing letters to other scouts within your group, this letter should include a simple task such as a drawing task or code to be broken.

5. Take part in a camp at home – Take Notice

Take part in a camp at home, this should include packing a bag, putting a tent up in the garden or making a den in the home and sleeping in overnight. As well as cooking at least one meal. Create some activities around your favourite pastimes.

6. Baking – Keep learning

Baking is a task, but we don’t always have time for in our usual busy lives. Have a go at baking something, a cake or cookies maybe. This could always be incorporated into Camp at Home.

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